Pandora’s Box Legend

Pandora’s Box is an artifact in Greek mythology, and this box is related to the myth of Pandora’s creation, mentioned in Hesiod’s Works and Days of Hesiod.


The box takes the form of a large jar, called “Bethos” in Greek, and this jar was given to “Bandora,” a name meaning “talented.”

A translation error occurred later in the 16th century, when an anthologist Erasmus translated Hesiod’s story from Pandora from Greek to Latin, translating the word “Beth” like the word “Pixis” meaning box. It has since become known as the “Pandora Box”.


The jar contained all kinds of evil in the world inside it, and nowadays the phrase “open the pandura box” means to do something that seems small and harmless to you, but it soon comes with serious, far-reaching consequences and is out of control.


Ancient Greek legend has it that Pandora was the first woman on earth, where Zeus, the leader of the gods, drew up a plan to avenge Prometheus and decided to create a beautiful woman, summoning the beauty goddess Aphrodite and asking her husband, Hevesto, the god of the creative craft, to make it for him.


The other gods gave her several gifts: Athens dressed her, Aphrodite gave her beauty, Hormuz gave her pronunciation and hadith, Zeus breathed into her the spirit of life, and sent her to earth.

The reason Zeus’ revenge on Prometheus was that the latter helped humans as hard as he could, and when he saw them trembling from the cold in the harsh night, eating meat raw, he knew they needed fire, but the gods Zeus did not allow a man to own fire, because he might misuse it and spread destruction through it.


But Prometheus was sure that the good man would overcome bad things, and benefit from them for good, so he stole fire from the gods to give to man, and Zeus decided to punish him cunningly, and so was the decision to create Pandora.


When Pandora came, Prometheus wanted it and still rejected it, because he knew it had to be a ploy of the gods, so Zeus became angry and punished Prometheus and chained him to a rock.

And the punishment bird came to him every day to feed on his flesh. But Ebimethius


Prometheus’ brother accepted Pandora to be his wife, and after they got married Pandora was given beautiful utensils and instructions not to open them at all and under any circumstances.


Out of curiosity, Pandora took advantage of her husband’s sleep and opened the pot, so all the evil she was containing spread to the earth of hatred, envy, disease, and all evil that humans did not know before. When she rushed to close the pot, all its contents had been liberated from it except one thing that remained at its bottom, which is the spirit


Pandora was then very saddened for what she had done, and she was afraid she would face Zeus’ punishment because she didn’t keep her promise and duty, yet Zeus didn’t punish her because he knew it would happen to her.

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