PH Value And Its Relevance to the Human Body

Potential hydrogen, commonly known as “pH value”, is the combination of acids and alkalis in water or food that a person consumes. PH levels vary from person to person depending on food intake. According to the Water Research Center, the ideal pH level of water should be 7, which is considered safe for consumption.


The pH varies from 0-to 14, indicating the acidity or alkalinity of the liquid. If it is 7 or less, it is acidic, and if it is 7 or more, it is alkaline. Water has the same amount of acids and alkalis, so it has a pH of 7. The fluid dynamics change ten times for each number. e.g,


Because milk has a pH of about 6, it is 10 times more acidic than water, because water has a pH of 7. Vinegar has a pH of 3, which makes it 40 times more acidic than water.

Can imbalances in physical pH levels lead to health problems? Read on to find out the importance of maintaining a balanced pH level for a healthy body.

As the saying goes, “Life is an act of balancing,” We humans need to maintain a balance in everything, big or small. Even something as simple as cycling can seem daunting without proper balance. Likewise, the human body must consume water at the same pH level.

We often use the term pH when browsing social networks, from TV and newspaper ads to billboards. But do we understand its importance and relevance to our common well-being?

Ideally, your body’s pH levels should be balanced for health and longevity. PH imbalances can lead to poor health and abnormalities that can have lasting effects on the body.




Too much acid can cause:


overweight, obesity, and diabetes

arthritis, arthritis

bladder disorders, kidney stones

cardiovascular disease


Cancer, chronic diseases


hormonal problems

premature aging

Accelerating free radical damage

Low energy and chronic fatigue

digestion and slow elimination

Excessive growth of yeast and mold

Alkalinity in the human body is not only harmful to health but also has many health benefits. The image below provides information on sour and alkaline foods.


PH value


As you can see from the chart above, excessive consumption of carbonated beverages and regular consumption of energy drinks increase acidity and harm the body, while foods such as spinach, artichokes, and lemons are only good for the body. . The balanced amount of alkali and acid in the water of the human digestive system is 7, which can have significant effects on the body to some extent. PH levels affect the body’s cells, sweat glands, organs, tissues, and more. maybe affected. However, different parts of the body have different pH levels, which are ideal for the functioning of the body. See the diagram that describes the pH levels of each organ in the human body. In this complex space of the bottled water industry, it can be very difficult to choose the perfect water bottle that contains the optimal pH. However, while water with a pH above 7 is considered essential without health problems, water with a pH below 7 can do great harm. To avoid personal injury, you should drink clean, healthy, and well-functioning water in moderation. Even when consumed regularly, functional water has health benefits for the human body. Contains ingredients such as antioxidants, pH balance, rich minerals, vitamins, and other unique ingredients.


However, the ideal pH level for drinking water is considered 7 by several international organizations. Some dug deep and found estimates between 6-8.5 pH. It is also found in plain salt water, purified water, sparkling water, and facial makeup that removes water for its purpose. See the image below for more information on pH for different types of water in the Asia Pacific.

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