Phuket is located in southern Thailand and is considered one of the most beautiful and well-known islands, due to its historical monuments and artistic monuments, in addition to its picturesque nature and charming beauty,  which gave it the title of the Pearl of the South.




Phuket is an archipelago consisting of 39 islands with a mountainous nature and dominated by the features of marine life, because it hosts a group of plants and water creatures and coral reefs, and is an ideal spot for beach sports, especially diving in its picturesque and idyllic beaches, which is one of The best diving and sailing sites in the world, Patong beach is the star of beaches in Phuket and all of Thailand, in addition to freedom beach, which is an ideal destination for those looking for calm and recreation.


And Kamala beach, which is most distinguished by FantaSea Phuket, which was established in 1988 to form an integrated presentation of Thailand, including its past and present, its culture, its heritage, and its history, so that the city includes archaeological buildings, Buddhist temples, the picturesque nature, and charming Thai, Visitors enjoy great art shows, rich Thai music, and local specialties.


And far from the beaches, the marine life is also reflected in one of the best tourist places and the most amazing water basins on the island of Phuket, the Phuket Aquarium, which was established in 1983 in the Phuket Geological Center to give its visitors from all over the world a golden opportunity irreplaceable to see the world of the deep sea Thai is composed of marine plants, coral reefs, and various rare and endemic species of fish.


Like Krabi Island, Phuket is rich in caves and limestone, especially in Phang Nga Bay, which stretches over an area of ​​400 km and contains 42 small islands as well as a group of ancient historical sites.


And to spend the weekend, Bang Pae waterfall is the best choice for everyone, as it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Thailand it is characterized by its calm and picturesque nature in addition to its height reaches 15 meters, and it has opened as a tourist attraction since 2007 to hesitate His echo throughout the world.


The Wat Chalong temple is considered one of the most famous tourist places reflecting the Thai culture in Phuket, and one of the largest Buddhist temples on this island, as it attracts visitors from most regions of the world, whether local or visitors, to get to know Thailand culture.


The Big Buddha Phuket is also one of the most prominent tourist attractions on this island. It is located in the hills of Nakird at a height of 45 meters, where you can see it wherever you go and wherever you are on Phuket Island.

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