– I entered a library and asked the worker:

Do you have books about suicide? He shut up a little bit and said, “Yes, but who will give it back to us?”

– If you hate someone at first, that’s an almost certain sign that you’ll love them afterwards.

– With you I can talk about everything in everything, even in the most dangerous things, if it comes to me, and you, for your part, should not hide anything from me one day, I want there to be at least a human being that I can talk to in everything as if I were talking to myself.


– I suddenly grieve, it’s enough for something annoying to happen to me until I lose my ability to control myself, so I’m going astray.

– These memories are hard for yourself, my friend… it stabs your heart once, then the wound remains bleeding forever.


– Your childhood ends when you realize that sleep is a reward, not a punishment.

– I was so humble that they thought I was nothing.

– Man is a puzzling mystery and it is necessary to analyze his symbols, and spend your whole life trying to decipher his decipher, so don’t say then that you waste your time on it, I am studying that mystery because I want to be a human being.

– I’m a sick man, I think I have liver disease, although I don’t understand anything from my illness at all and I don’t know exactly where my pain is and I don’t heal myself, and I never heal myself, although I respect medicine and doctors. And that on the other hand I believe in superstition to the fullest, or say that I believe in them enough to respect medicine (I have enough culture not to be a believer in superstition, but I still believe in it).

– We are strong, never mind the words of the frustrated, we wake up every day to live the same life in the same place with the same people. This in itself is a struggle.

– I always collapse alone, then I rest on myself again, then collapse, get up and try to cling to my soul, but I find it empty, immersed in my hand in nothing, and no one else noticed this, and this was one of the worst kind of stability I pretend to pretend.

– When we sat under the tree, and touched your face for the first time, a little of your beauty remained on my hands, since that day until now I am walking raising my hand for people to see.

I admit despite all this love that we were living despite all the promises of fortitude I knew that I would go down the road alone and I would answer all the questions alone and dream again alone, I knew that you would escape my heart and hands together and yet I did not overdo a single moment of love with you.


– Why can’t one openly perform everything in his heart as long as one knows that he will not talk in waste? Because everyone wants to show themselves harsher than they actually are, as if people are all afraid to distort their emotions if they express them prematurely.

– It is a great pleasure to suddenly take off one’s mask, and to result in one’s face to another person when he is in a state where one does not give up until he feels ashamed in front of that other person.


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