Record fines could affect Google in Europe

According to PriceRunner’s attorney, “Google is required for violating antitrust laws and using practices contrary to cyber competition principles while promoting Google Shopping services at the expense of other services.”


PriceRunner has demanded compensation for the profits it could have made in Britain since 2008, and the profits it was likely to have earned in Sweden and Denmark since 2013, and did not rule out Google claiming larger amounts as compensation for “daily accumulated damage” as it claims.


“We are seeking compensation for the damages Google has caused us over the age of misuse of its dominant position in the online world by cutting off traffic from price comparison services to promote products of interest to it, as well as giving it preference in electronic search for those products,” said Mikael Lindall, CEO of PriceRunner.

Google had failed to appeal the trial to appeal an earlier decision by the European General Court to fine it €2.4 billion, after the court found Google guilty of violating cyber antitrust laws on EU soil.

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