Reddit and The hearing impaired


Someone on Reddit asked a question to the hearing impaired who recovered.

“What did you think was making a sound but discovered it was really voiceless?


Answers ️:

1. “One of my friends was surprised to discover that everyone has a different voice!”

2. “A deaf girl asked me if ice cream makes a sound as it melts”

3. “I was hearing impaired but when I used the deaf headset I first heard purl, I couldn’t believe the water had such a pure sound. So far I enjoy hearing it.”

4. “Someone I know was surprised to learn that walking on dirt makes a sound, and he was surprised by the fact that rain makes a sound and snow without sound.”

5. “I didn’t know that flipping paper makes a sound”

6. “I always thought the sun emits a groin when it shines, like a machine that moves fast.”

7. “The day I first put on the deaf headset, when I lay on my bed at home, I didn’t stop moving the quilt because that sound was so comfortable”

8. “When I first got the deaf earphone, I was on my way out of the hospital, I kept looking back to see who was walking behind me, my mom told me that was the sound of my steps.”


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