Shocking facts about Charlie Chaplin. He who approaches him suffocates and is obsessed with minors!

A century after the release of his first feature film “The Kid” in 1921, Chaplin is back to the fore again, with a new documentary, “The Real Charlie Chaplin” directed by Peter Middleton and James Spinney, in which four of his children and his last wife, Ona O’Neill, share their thoughts on the history of the volatile star.


The film refers to his physical talent and unwavering ambition, and reviews the journey of his star’s rise in the world of cinema despite the difficulties he faced, in addition to archival interviews that reveal the secrets of the comedian.

The film, released in cinemas and on “Amazon Prime” on Saturday, tells the hidden story of the world’s first star comedian, having married four times and allegedly slept with more than 2,000 women.


The film focuses on his relationship with his second wife, Letta Gray, whom he married at the age of 35, when she was 16, describing her as a cow and an insect, while describing him as a man with a capricious mood.


His son Michael, 75, tells viewers: “I was kind of scared of my father. He was very strong, and you can’t argue with him, because he can’t be wrong. Anyone who approaches him will end up suffocating.”


“I grew up with the icon, but the man, I had no idea about the guy,” his daughter Jane admitted. Her sister Geraldine, 77, added: “My father was not Charlie Chaplin. I knew they were the same person but they didn’t look like anything, unless he had an audience, Charlie Chaplin would become that other guy.”


Chaplin was born in Lambith, south London in 1889, and has been working in a workshop since he was only 4 years old. His mother is a singer of Romanian origin named Hannah Chaplin.


Hannah had one out-of-marital son, and although she was married to a successful artist named Charles Chaplin, he is unlikely to be Charlie’s real father.


Whatever the truth, Chaplin gave the infant father his name. But a year after giving birth, he left leaving his wife and son living a poor life, perhaps because he suspected Hannah had betrayed him.


Charlie later admitted that his mother did many bad things, and it is possible that in times of extreme poverty, she took to the streets. This was not unusual in the working class in south London, where women drifted in and out of prostitution to save their families.


“Measuring our family’s morals by common standards would be as wrong as putting a thermometer in boiling water,” Charlie once said. He entered the art field in the United States at the age of 24.


He was short with a very large head relative to his lean and sensitive body. But most people considered Chaplin to look good, with deep blue eyes, curly black hair, skin like ivory, elegant white teeth, knit lips and a diet.


He joined the comedy company Alfred Carnot, where he was spotted by Keystone Films while touring America.


The voiceover in the documentary tells the audience that by the age of 26, “he was more famous than any king, queen, emperor, philosopher, artist or religious figure.”

Child actress Mildred Harris, 16, was one of the first to fall into his magic as he met her at a ceremony in 1918.


By then, he was 29 years old and was one of the richest actors in Hollywood. Send bouquets of roses to the hotel where Mildred was staying, and wait for them in his car outside the studio where she was working. And after a while they became lovers.


When Mildred told him she was pregnant, he panicked, the last thing he wanted at the time was responsibility. But he was well aware that he needed to avoid a horrific scandal.


A quiet wedding was arranged, and Mildred was taken to a rented house, described by one of her friends as “a lavender and ivory symphony, great in every detail.”


Shortly after they moved into this paradise, it became clear that Mildred was not pregnant at all. She misread her symptoms or deceived him into marriage.


This suspicion couldn’t make married life easier, especially since Chaplin knew he wasn’t in love to marry her quickly. Mildred gave her own driver, servants and unlimited credit in stores, but he was irritable and moody.

Soon after, Ms Chaplin was already carrying his baby, but during that time she was not living a happy life, at one point she reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for 3 weeks.


Chaplin’s repeated relationships with other women did not help improve her condition. Mildred later complained that “Charlie married me and then forgot everything about me.” While Chaplin was working on a film called “A Day’s Pleasure” in July 1919, she gave birth to his son.


Norman had a bowel deformity and died 3 days later. In April 1920, the couple began divorce proceedings on the grounds of “cruelty.”


The documentary states that Chaplin distrusted women, feared abandonment and loss, jealous for the slightest reason, and was very aggressive.

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