Short story

It is said that an old man was sitting on the train with his 25-year-old son.


A lot of joy and curiosity was visible to the features of the young man who was sitting by the window.


He took his hands out of the window and felt the passage of air, shouting, “Dad, you see all these trees walking after us!”, and the old man smiled in line with his son’s joy.


Next to them was a couple listening to a conversation between father and son.


And they felt a little embarrassed, how does a young man of this age behave like a child!


Suddenly the young man shouted again: “Dad, look at the pond and the animals in it, look at the clouds how you are going with the train”


The couple continued to marvel at the young man’s talk again.


Then it started raining, water droplets falling on the hands of the young man, whose face was filled with happiness, and shouted again: “Dad. It’s raining, and the water touched my hand. Look daddy


At this moment the couple could not remain silent, and the old man asked, “Why don’t you visit the doctor, get treatment for your son?”, here the old man said, “We are coming from the hospital, as my son has become a visionary for the first time in my life.”

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