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If you want to become a businessman, today we will present to you a group of small business projects

Finding a small business idea side and becoming a manager of yourself and working for your account is something more beneficial than your job.

If you want to become a businessman, today we will present to you a group of small business projects that most of you do not need a large capital, and most of them fit to be a side business next to your primary job.

1- A website or blog :


The internet world is full of many small business projects ideas that you can start with, we will talk about websites, there are hundreds of ideas for creating a website, but we will address the ideas of the most important site in a simple way that can be a small business and make .money from them.

  • Commission marketing :

website The idea is that your site becomes a broker for the sale of certain goods and you have a percentage of the profits from sales .made through your site Personal blog You can use your interest and passion in a specific field to inspire others, through a personal blog, and write interesting topics that attract the reader, or provide advice in a specific field, it is very important that you have experience or interest in the field that you will choose because the success of your blog depends on the extent of your interest The field in .which you write

  •  Selling site :

Everyone has a desire to sell some things that they no longer need to use, and that can happen through a website you are creating. The closest .example of this is Olx

2- Writing the content :


Writing content or blogging is one of the most important small business projects that you can rely on to earn money if you have the talent because there are hundreds of thousands of websites that need to employ blogging and writing talents for money, provided they provide exclusive and high-quality

3- content Translation :


Profit from translation is a convenient way to work freely on the Internet. Many sites facilitate you to find work as a translator while you are in your home. Here is a list of freelance sites that enable you to start working as a translator :

• One Hour Translation

• Translators Cafe

• Translators Base

• Proz

4- Create an application for smartphones :


It is possible that you have a good application idea and can achieve widespread, yes I know that you say to yourself do not know anything about programming mobile applications, but you can search for a programmer and program your idea for you for some money to get your idea out into the light and then you can profit from the application by ways Show ads, or you can sell. the app after a success

5- Selling goods on eBay :


eBay is the most popular e-commerce site, where you can start a small business site by selling used products (trading in used things) that you do not need, and the site provides a method of selling .through auctions eBay is ranked third after Amazon and Walmart, so if you want to earn money with a little investment, selling on eBay is a good option for that.

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