About twenty-six thousand years ago, in one of the cold Siberian caves, a young mother invited the Siberian lion cub before she left him alone in the cave to go out fishing and get food for her and him.

He preferred the little cub waiting for the mother alone amid the darkness of the frozen cave for long days, hungry and thirsty, but it was smaller than the idea of getting out of the cave, and the hope for his mother’s return is still inside it.

Unfortunately, the cub did not know that his mother died during her hunting trip, was killed by an animal, or died as a victim of harsh conditions, and so the cub preferred for days struggling with hunger until he finally died.

Because of the icy cave he lived in, his body was perfectly preserved for 26,000 years, which is why his body now tells us the full story of his death a long time ago.

If you look at the picture a little. You will feel that he is still alive, and this frankness is one of the amazing abilities of ice, as it can preserve the bodies in their ideal condition for great years and this alone is a dazzling thing.

The name of the cub Sparta is one of the greatest pieces of evidence of the forms of the creative old life.

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