Sri Lanka. Tea Island and the Pearl of the Indian Ocean

In the 12th century, traveler Marco Polo wrote that Sri Lanka is the best island in the world. For centuries Sri Lanka has been a tourist destination, especially for European travelers.


Sri Lanka is known for its beauty of tropical forests, beaches and landscapes and their biodiversity, as well as its rich cultural heritage, which has made it a world-famous tourist destination. Sri Lanka is famous for naming the teardrop of India, due to its geographical location, as well as the land of the smiling people.


The island, described as the “pearl” of the Indian Ocean, dates back to 3,000 years BC, with various sources suggesting that our master Adam descended from heaven on its land.


The island is 31 km southeast of India, home to nearly 22 million people and its capital is Colombo, and Sinhalese, Tamil and English are its three official languages.


Sri Lanka is characterized by its beauty of nature, archaeological cities and Buddhist temples scattered there, as well as its historical sites on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.


On its soil, the island hosts various types of trees with valuable timber such as sage and ebony, in addition to rare flowers of various colors.


More than half of Sri Lanka’s population, known as tea island, is engaged in agriculture, where tea production and export provide an important source of income for millions of people, followed by fishing.


Tea is one of the most important sources of income because the island’s climate suits the growth of high-quality types of it, and many of its factories are spread throughout the island, to be prepared before exporting.


Visitors to Sri Lanka can monitor the life of wild elephants, feed their young through artificial feeding, or follow the process of making paper from their dung.


Although Buddhism is considered the tyrannical religion in the country, part of its population professes the religions of Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.


Buddha statues and Buddhist temples are scattered almost everywhere in the country, with Muslims constituting 9% of the population.


The capital Colombo is the largest city in the country, with Muslims constituting 35% of its population, and includes 250 mosques, the most famous of which is the “Red Mosque” distinguished by its architectural design and red color, as it is considered a symbol of Islam on that island.


The UNESCO Cultural Heritage List Red Mosque was built in 1908 by British Muslims of Indian descent, and was initially designed on five floors to accommodate 1,500 worshippers, and later expanded.


Sri Lanka gained independence on February 4, 1948, after being occupied by Portugal, the Dutch and the British, and is the first country in the world to see a woman prime minister in recent history.


Serimafo Bandranaike came to the premiership following the murder of her husband, Solomon W.R. Bandaranaike, in 1959 due to the conflict between the Sinhal and Tamil ethnicity, holding the post three times between 1960 and 1965, from 1970 to 1977, and from 1994 to 2000.


In 1972, the island announced the establishment of the republic and changed its name from Ceylon to its current name Sri Lanka, and in 1978 began to follow the presidential system of government.



Colombo is Sri Lanka’s largest city and economic capital located on the southwest coast and is one of the most beautiful tourist cities. Visitors to Sri Lanka can enjoy several tourist places in the city such as the Colombo Zoo, which is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Colombo. The park includes a variety of animals and a section dedicated to nature, where it includes the most beautiful flowers, plants and trees, and there you can relax and breathe fresh and refreshing air. One of the most beautiful parks in the city is the Galli Vice Green Park, which extends over the Indian Ocean and contains many restaurants and shops, and Viharamahadivi Park, a public park located in the center of Colombo with the most beautiful trees and flowers. It also contains the wonderful suspension bridge and also includes a children’s playground, Colombo horse parks and a zoo.



Kandy is a mountainous city with a temperate atmosphere and is one of Sri Lanka’s majority scenic cities and a sacred and administrative city. Popular tourist activities in Kandy include visiting the spice garden, watching many plants, going on elephant safari, visiting pineapple farms and elephant garden. Tourists can tour the picturesque Lake Kandy, see the surrounding highlands, attend the folklore show, and shop at Candy City Center. One of the most beautiful natural places in Kandy is the Mahaweli River next to it the magnificent Mahaweli Suspension Bridge, one of the most beautiful areas to enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature.



Jonawatuna is one of Sri Lanka’s famous cities and is characterized by its clear beaches and the presence of the famous Japanese Temple of Peace overlooking the most beautiful landscapes, in addition to fishing trips, boating and water skiing and containing luxurious spas to relax and rest.

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