Stabilizing the usual is more important than developing it.

Decide in the evening that you want to change your life and habits and turn your life upside down, you wake up the next morning and start your day maybe by exercising and then take a shower and have a healthy breakfast maybe or move on to reading and do all the useful things you dreamed of applying and give up all the bad habits, that’s great isn’t it!? The next day you may also succeed by doing everything you planned and then start giving up something after thing until you return to your previous life and old habits, but why? Is it because you are a loser and lack the will? Or that everyone who changes has a magic wand? Definitely not all is that you are following an incorrect plan.


The right plan is a long-term plan that depends on acquiring the right habits and lifestyle and not just achieving goals. For example, my goal is not less to be an intellectual or a reader, but say that I intend to read half a page a day that you may see as a very small step, but always remember that a permanent little is better than a lot. The second step is not to change all your life and habits together. Your mind resists change and tries to keep you in the comfort zone. When you get out of the comfort zone, you will move to the panic zone. Your mind will start producing negative and worrying thoughts about what you intend to change, but do not be afraid and try to make the legend and get rid of these thoughts To learn more about the comfort zone and get out of it


Now select your goal list and what you intend to reach, for example, to say that you want to be an athlete, reader and writer, maybe, write these goals on a paper and then start simplifying them, for example, say that you will write only one or two lines per day, and in a month you will finish writing 4-5 pages, for example, then in 6 months you will reach this and so on simple steps until you reach writing a full book and do not forget to set a specific date to finish the goal and always remember that stabilizing the habit is more important than developing it means committing to reading half a page a day for a month better month than reading a week and then stop reading

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