In 1846 Dr. Agnatis Semmelves came up with the idea through which he thought he would reduce the mortality rate of women during childbirth.


The birth process was not as simple as it is today and many women and children were dying from infections and high fever.


Dr. Simmelis’ idea was simply for doctors to sterilize their hands before giving birth.


The ignorance of the medical community regarding the existence of germs and their impact on the human body in that period made the idea of Simmelis seem silly and unscientific.


Cemelis asked all the staff in his department to sterilize their hands and tools with chlorine and the mortality rate has already dropped very significantly.

Some might think that this positive benefit was enough to prove the benefit of hand sanitization, on the contrary.


Many doctors rejected his idea of hand sanitization if his hypothesis implied that doctors were causing pregnant women to die from non-sterilization.


Of course, this is a completely unacceptable assumption that greatly offends doctors and could not have accepted such ideas.

Dr. Symelves was suspended from his work in the hospital and rejected by the medical community because of his ideas.


Almost a year later, Dr. Simmelis entered the sanatorium where he died at the age of 47.


Several years after Symelis’ death, Louis Pasteur discovered the gerologist and developed his famous scientific theory linking the relationship of germs to human diseases.


different from Copernicus, Galileo or Brno who sacrificed their lives in exchange for their ideas that preceded their time.


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