Tesla Pi: Super features

The Tesla Pi is one of the best modern phones with excellent capabilities that can work even on Mars.

The Tesla Pi is one of the best modern phones with excellent capabilities that can work even on Mars. This is relative to the super capabilities of this phone.

Tesla Motor Company has decided to launch a high-feature phone under the name Tesla Pi. So it could be the first of its kind to operate on the surface of Mars, and one of its most prominent features is that it is compatible with modern technology in the field of cryptocurrency mining.


The Tesla Pi is the first phone of its kind that can run via satellites and can measure brain disorders that humans may experience.

Pi phone capabilities

1. The phone screen quality is up to 4k.
2. The phone has up to 2TB of storage.
3. Supports 5G technology i.e. 5G technology.
4. The phone can control Tesla cars


What are the specifications of the Tesla pi superphone?


1. The phone supports communications according to satellite internet systems.

2. The phone works through a telecommunications network of more than Forty thousand satellites.

3. The phone provides internet access everywhere.

4. The phone has Air Glass, and a chip powered by Supernatural.

5. The phone owner can mine coins Easily encrypted digitally.

6. The phone is equipped with high technologies related to people with brain disorders.

Some leaks confirm that the specifications of the new phone, externally, are very similar to the iPhone 12, and the degree of similarity is limited to sharp bending, in addition to providing the phone with a quad-camera from the rear.


Additional features of the Tesla BI

1. Tesla phone can work with Android 12To run

2. The phone was processed via a 2.0GHz kernel.

3. The phone has high memory storage of up to 2TB.

4. The phone has a front camera with an accuracy of up to 16 megapixels.

5. The phone screen area is 6.8 inches in addition to It has a 120Hz super AMOLED.

6.  As for the phone battery, it charges up to power To 33 Watts.

7. The phone is available in black and white.


How much is the Tesla pi?

According to some recent reports, the price of the smartphone could range from $2,500 to $4,000, but no official data has been released announcing its final price so far.



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