The 19 most beautiful feelings

1. The shiver when you go to talk to him and you find him,” he writes… He was envied

2. Your friend when everyone skips to sit next to you

3. The joy of the person you helped

4.  The moment of the end and resolution of something that was preoccupied with you.

5.  Love messages that come suddenly and you are not paying attention to what is around you

6. When you wake up and know that there is a lot of time left

7.  Someone who exchanges you the same feeling of love.

8.  The moment you win and overcome the whims of the devil

9.  Your favorite meal after a long and tiring day

10. When you know that the person you are so excited for misses you feeling the same way too

11.  The moment you get a better estimate than you expected

12. The smell that reminds you of an old person and memories

13. When you wish to rain after you meditated on the cloudy sky, may God fulfill your wish for the moment.

14. Success after failing several times

15. Satisfaction after a long quarrel

16. Notify that the episode of your favorite series will come down in a moment of boredom

17. When someone resorts to you to trust you without the rest

18. That beautiful moment I lived alone and couldn’t say to anyone

19.  When your eyes look for him, you find him looking at you

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