The art of rape of minds

The Titanic had approximately 2,230 people and only 706 were rescued, meaning 1,524 people died.


In the events of the film, almost most people died of drowning, while the protagonist of the film died hours later, due to cold water and not drowning.


Most of those who watched this movie did not feel any kind of sympathy towards the hundreds who appeared in the film drowning, although most of them are women and children, and the wish of everyone who watched this movie was for the heroine to live and survive drowning!


But did you ask yourself why you felt sympathetic to the hero (thief, vintage addict, gambling player) and didn’t sympathize with the hundreds of women, children and the elderly who appeared drowning in the movie?


_the answer_

The director was able to highlight only the hero and heroine, as if they were the only ones on board the ship, and made you love and sympathize with them despite all their flaws, and at the same time forget the children and women who drowned around him as if they did not exist!

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