Mrs. Tinker soon turned her car off the road which led from the village. Now they were traveling on a small lane through Isinglass Park.

To their right. The ground sloped down to a large lake.  The water was bright in the sunshine. To their left. The ground sloped down to a large lake.

The water was bright in the sunshine. To their left, the ground sloped upwards. At the top of the little hill stood Isinglass Hall. Nobody lived in the old house now. It had been empty for a long time and no one took care of it. Mrs. Tinker stopped her car by a gate next to the lane.

Jack got out and opened the gate. Mrs. Tinker drove through it ..Into a field. She stopped. In front of them was the archeological site. The dig. The area was a square and each side was about a hundred meters long. The grass had been removed from the site.

Leo Gardener and some other archeologists had dug down to the ruins of the deserted village. The kids could see parts of the walls of the old houses. They could see the floors of rooms and passages and they could see parts of stairways.

Leo was taking photographs of the site. He smiled at the kids and their teacher. It’s good to see you again he said. Your tents and sleeping bags are in my caravan. Put up your tents now. Then we’ll eat. And can I have the church keys please Frankie?

Mrs. Tinker put up her tent very quickly.

Tom and Jack worked hard and their tent was soon up too. But the two girls were having a problem.

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