The four rules of relationships in life

1) What’s happening is the only thing that can happen.”


Only what has to happen happens. So you don’t have to blame yourself: “If you had behaved like this, this or that wouldn’t have happened… “.


Every situation we are exposed to is the perfect lesson to learn even if it seems otherwise to us.


2) “Everything starts at the right time” Every beginning comes at its time and only when it is time, neither before nor after. There is no need to regret something you think you are late to accomplish.

3) “The person who enters your life is the right person.” No one comes into our lives by chance and without calculations.


4) The fourth and final law: “When something ends.. Let him go and accept the new situation. Go ahead.. Understand that everything in the universe moves and changes. So always be prepared for changes in your life” is not about.

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