The mystery of wisdom

As a competition offered by radio to its listeners

There was a valuable prize to answer the question,the content of which was as follows:

There was a balloon carrying 4 scientists in different disciplines:


Suddenly and without warning the balloon started reeling, and they had a big problem and they needed to throw a scientist

To circumvent the problem and save themselves

The question is:

Which of the scientists on board the balloon should be thrown to get rid of this problem in your opinion?

The radio received too many contacts to win the prize dedicated to this question.

With each answer was a scientific analysis of why the scientist would be thrown from among the four scientists on board the balloon.

The prize went to a girl

She is 6 years old simply

She said: “We throw their heaviest weight!



We often need to think in a natural way to find solutions to the problems facing us without going into details, as there is no point in repeating the problems without a solution.



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