The parrot

The parrot is one of the most popular pets around the world because of its beauty and intelligence. One of its most famous types is Amazon parrot, cocktail, gray parrot and lovebirds that can be easily bred at home. It is a bird characterized by its long life, extreme intelligence, and high ability to imitate human speech. It is a clean bird that loves to .



In order to find a companion, the male parrot makes the so-called engagement width. He performs the same parade, dancing or making different expressions, and sounds to attract the female. Once the female chooses it, the two stay together for life, even outside the breeding season. They help each other find food, pay attention to each other, and sleep together. The parrot bird is considered one of the smartest animals in the world, as it has unique and different qualities from the rest of the animals, especially the African gray parrot called Alex. It has the ability to learn to count from one to six, answer some questions and also recognize seven colors and pron .

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