The Shaheen falcon

The Shaheen falcon is the fastest animal on earth. The pounce speed can be up to 321 km/h!

The Shaheen falcons are the fastest creatures on the planet, reaching speeds of more than 321 km/h (200 mph) as they swoop to catch their prey.

Al Shaheen Hawks are one of the largest and most powerful types of falcons.

How do Al Shaheen falcons adapt to hunting?
Al Shaheen falcons have many adaptations to hunting.

They open their noses, for example, direct and control air shock waves to stop the high pressure that damages their lungs while diving (pounce). Very cool divine design inspired the design of the first jet engines!

They have excellent sharp vision, eight times better than human vision. They can see prey from a distance of more than 3 km. They have a third eyelid, scattering tears and removing debris away to protect their eyes without hindering their vision during the pounce.

Shaheen can see more clearly as their heads rotate at an angle, which is why the Shaheen falcons usually fly towards their prey in a curve – this also helps them fly faster, reducing drag away.

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