The Somali esanji

In a wilderness in Djibouti, the Somali Sanji, also known as the Somali elephant’s flare, was spotted. This animal was considered one of the scientifically “lost” organisms, that is, that there is not enough evidence to assert its existence or extinction, as no sighting of it has been recorded in the scientific literature for decades, so biologists have limited knowledge of it to museum-preserved specimens, but this small mammary animal – an insect-eating animal – has reappeared, with its long tail with tufts, hosey nose, and wide dark eyes, which are wide, which are impressive. And he seems to be fine.


The Somali single (Galegeeska ravioli, one of the 20 species of singi) was previously thought to live only in the country to which it is credited but was recently found in the neighboring Republic of Djibouti, according to a paper published by researcher Stephen Heritage, who works at Duke University’s Lemur Center in Durham, North Carolina, in collaboration with colleagues.

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