The very far hotel

Last weekend I was with my family looking for a hotel when we found one but very far from the city but we don’t have any other choice so we went for it but it was hunted old hotel it was very very creepy Hotel we couldn’t find any other hotels so we stayed on it.



Later tonight we start to hear some voices some people talking like they are in our room but we didn’t see anyone in our room but we keep hearing someone is talking like talking on the phone or with other. maybe 2 people in our room so we kept ignoring them and try to sleep.

Once we get to sleep I heard someone knocking on our doors so I went to check the doors and I found that there is someone has something behind him. He asked for money so I give him some money to avoid problems and I went back to sleep but I went to the bathroom. when I was at the bathroom I heard Some Voices coming from the mirror side. suddenly the mirror s tart moving a little bit. I Start to running towards my dad bed to wake him Up but he waked me up and all of this was a dream.

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