Tricks To Find Quality Leather Bags

quality leather bags

Leather Bags

Hello readers, today we want to teach our readers how to find a quality leather bags.

I) Rough edge:

One of the most important features of a leather bag is the rough edges of the bag.

2) Bag structure:

First, you need to understand what skin is. It’s animal skin. Animal skin is not perfect. Therefore, the structure of the bag is not the same.

3) Impact test:

Feel the skin with your hands. When you tap on the original folder, you feel like you’re jumping.

4) Water test:

Natural leather absorbs water, but artificial leather does not.

5) Exam revision:

When the bag is held in front of you, it is sturdy and durable. Compared to artificial leather bags, artificial leather is not stiff and flexible, and its structure is weak and flexible.

6) Zip Code Test:

The zipper of the real bag is soft when you open the bag, and the artificial leather is hard.

7) Odor test:

One final tip for finding quality leather bags is to smell the original leather.

8) Leather label:

In the case of a genuine leather bag, it is marked as “full grain”, which is the highest quality leather, but for artificial leather, it is marked as “made of full leather”, so it can only be partially interpreted. The product is made of leather.

9) Sewing and placement:

True bags have perfect stitching and lining, but fake bags have many stitching and lining defects.

10) Leather price:

Leather goods are non-negotiable. Most leather goods are usually sold at a fixed price in stores. This is because sellers do not sell good-quality products at low-profit margins.


I hope you got some information about leather bags and I hope you share your knowledge when buying genuine bags.

These tips and tricks will help you when buying a high-quality leather bag in and around Chennai. Use these skills to find and buy high-quality leather bags and items.

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