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Three friends -a boy and two girls- were standing near an old church in NORFOLK. One of the girls was Frankie Fitzgerald.

She was thirteen years old and she had fair hair. The other girl had long dark hair very pale skin and bright blue eyes; She was Regan Vander linden and she was eleven. true.

The boy’s name was Tom Christmas and his hair was fair. He was twelve years old ..Frankie and Tom were British but Regan was an American.

The three friends were cold. It was early afternoon but the air was full of damp white mist. It was difficult to see anything through the mist. true.

What a terrible place? Tom said: Why didn’t we stay at home? Why are we spending our half-term holiday here? Do we want to dig up an old village? Why did we listen to Mrs. TINKER? I don’t like old churches and their graveyards in this weather.

The dark-haired girl laughed.

Are you frightened of ghosts ..? Tom

She asked; Do all these dead people in their graves scare you? You scare me more than the dead people, Regan ..Tom replied. With your face, you could be in a horror movie

This place could be in a horror movie Frankie said. At that moment the friends heard the long grass moving. Then two people-a boy and a man – came through the mist towards them.

Did you find the keys to Jack’s? Frankie called.

Yes ‘ they were in Leo’s car ‘ the boy answered. Jack Christmas was Tom’s brother.


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