True story of cleaner


This statue is in the Slovak capital Bratislava

I’m immortalizing one of the cleaners who loved a girl and immigrated what he told her about his work!!

And she didn’t dare to let him know,

I promised him to drink coffee with him and broke her promise, and he kept waiting for her!

Every day, at the same time, and in the same place!

And his friends who frequented the news sympathized with him.

And they were sitting with him to drink coffee with him and to his condolences!!

After his death, this statue was erected for him and a cafe was built next to him.

Let people come to drink coffee with him and express their love for him and sympathize with him!!

And their appreciation for the work and workers in general and his work and sacrifices in particular for Bratislava to be clean.


Notice the color of his hat after people greet him by wiping it.

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