Tutankhamun’s mask moved to a new room

Tutankhamun, the golden king who has occupied the world since his tomb was discovered by british Egyptian scientist Howard Carter in 1922, where he was accompanied by the appearance of gold artifacts and other luxury pieces discovered in the cemetery, completely without reaching the hand of thieves, and in the past days the king’s mask was moved from room 2 to room 3, in order to carry out the presentation of Tanis inside the old Tutan chamber of the Egyptian Museum of Liberation, and also in preparation for the transfer of the mask to the Egyptian Museum The great, where the king’s collections will be fully displayed for the first time in front of visitors, can visitors to the Liberation Museum at this time visit the king’s mask?

At first, the archeological Sabah Abdel Razek, director general of the Egyptian Museum of Liberation, said that the work of transferring king Tutankhamun’s mask from his room to another room equipped to carry out the scenario of displaying the Tanis collections, which will be displayed instead of king Tut’s possessions after the transfer of all his artifacts to the Grand Museum.

Sabah Abdul Razek explained that visitors to the museum can see the mask of Tut and a number of his belongings inside room 3, as was the case in his old room, and that what happened is the mere transfer of a number of artifacts belonging to the Golden King, to a nearby room and equipped with a full and distinctive include, in preparation for the transfer of the mask to the Grand Museum.

At the time of entering the small cemetery, Carter found more than 5,000 discovered artifacts, which were piled very tightly, reflecting the lifestyle of the Royal Palace, including items that Tutankhamun used in his daily life, such as clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, incense, furniture, chairs, toys and uons made from a variety of materials, vehicles, weapons, etc.

Tutankhamun was one of the pharaohs of the eighteenth Egyptian family in the history of ancient Egypt, and pharaoh of Egypt from 1334 to 1325 B.C. in the era of the modern state.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities recently announced that more than 4,700 artifacts from King Tutankhamun’s treasures have been installed inside 86 teprines of 107 tepids, the Golden King’s Shield.

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