Use the subconscious

Methods of programming the subconscious mind and using the subconscious to heal

The subconscious mind controls all vital organs of the human body, which explains the increasing speed of the heartbeat, irregular breathing, or suffering from intestinal disorders when a person feels anxious, stressed, afraid, or frustrated. The subconscious mind can heal the body from disease if a person deludes his mind that he is healthy. Author Joseph Murphey stressed in his book “The power of the subconscious mind.

Other uses of the subconscious mind Ronda Byrne’s The Secret – The Law of Attraction shows that the subconscious can be used to attract all the things a person wants by applying the following steps:


Asking is the first step for the subconscious to attract the things it wants, and this is done by defining the goal it seeks so that the person has to be clear and accurate in their request.


*Absolute faith:*

A person must delude his subconscious mind by acting, thinking, and speaking as if the thing he asked for has already been achieved, through the ability to imagine and thus creating conditions, events, and people to achieve what he wants.


The last step is to feel happy as if all his goals have been achieved. For example, when the person tries to lose some of his weight, he should focus on his ideal weight and not on the cumbersome process of losing weight, and he should feel as if he has reached his ideal weight.

*Definition of subconscious*

The Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud has defined the subconscious mind as the primary source of human behavior so that it contains both emotions, incentives, and decisions that man prefers to keep buried, due to his feeling threatened to admit their existence. The subconscious also acts as a storehouse of primitive desires and incentives that man fears to emerge.

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