It is the second planet in the solar system after Mercury, which is not completely circular. The reason for its name is Venus in the Arabs, Venus means good and white because it is a shiny planet when viewed from Earth. The planet is considered a storm with high winds and high temperature, which is similar to the earth in size and is called the sister of the earth.

Venus is considered one of the hot planets of the solar system and has an average temperature of 449 degrees Celsius. Venus rotates once around itself every 243 Earth days. It is one of the slowest planets in the solar system Durana and does not contain satellites.

Venus is mentioned in the texts of Babylonian cuneiform writing in the “Table of the Dice of Anno and Enlil” and the history of these observations dates back to before 1600 BC and the Babylonians called this planet “Ishtar”, which is the God of love and femininity. As for the Egyptians, they believed that Venus is two separate crimes and they called the morning star “Tyumoteri” and the evening star “Quitting”. The Greeks also believed that the flower is two crimes, but later they realized that the flower is one object and called it “Aphrodite”, which is their God of love, and the Romans called


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