Weight Gain Guide


1-Weight gain guide:

One kilo of fat is approximately 7700 calories, so to increase the weight by half a kilogram, about 3850 calories must be consumed above that needed by the body and burn it.

To implement this principle, the following steps should be followed:
  • The first step: determine your goals and incentives, determine the final weight that you want to reach and how long it takes to achieve this goal.
Note :  It is preferable not to increase more than 3 kilograms of fat per week, as this may pose a health and body threat and may lead to the appearance of stretching lines on the skin.
Step Two: Calculate your daily caloric needs.
  • The step two: Schedule all your daily meals and always know in advance what you will eat exactly to avoid procrastination and procrastination. 

Tip: To be able to consume the amount of daily calories you need to reach your goal, you must make sure not to miss a meal.

  • The step tree : Track your weight gain every day.
  • The step four : Maintain the weight that you have increased, and this step is just as important as increasing the weight.

2-Muscle Building Guide:

Muscle building is not just limited to men. This concept is very wrong, as is the idea prevalent among many women that building muscles will lead to a huge body similar to that of men and the loss of body parts. Muscle construction, which mainly depends on creating a heavy effort on the muscles by carrying weights or by creating a muscle effort that depends on the body weight itself
To build your body’s muscles
You need to focus on the following points:
  •  a healthy diet rich in protein and sufficient calories to meet the daily needs of the body and the energy it needs during exercise 
  • resistance exercises and lifting weights to stimulate muscles to grow.
  •  The gradual increase in the difficulty and intensity of the exercise


 It is very important to increase the intensity of the exercise with time, otherwise the muscles will stop responding to the exercise and growth because the exercise is no longer difficult and the current muscle mass is sufficient and the muscles are able to perform it without tearing and therefore without the need for restoration and an increase in its size. It is known that the main catalyst for increasing muscle size is the pressure applied to it. The intensity is increased by one or both of these methods: an increase in the mass of used weights. Increase the number of exercise repetitions.

  •  Sufficient rest and sleep helps to build muscles after stimulating them with exercise.

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