What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is no longer a distant dream

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence: Whether it’s Elon Musk beating an Open AI DOTA 2 expert or artificial intelligence repeating the table every few hours, artificial intelligence has been getting media attention lately.

It is impossible to spend a day on the internet without finding one or more articles about new achievements in this field. Artificial intelligence is no longer a distant dream, it is well integrated into our lives, and many of the online applications and services we use include YouTube and Facebook.

Therefore, it is important to understand what artificial intelligence is and how it works, as we often use applications and services that use artificial intelligence to enhance our experience.

Simply put, artificial intelligence allows for thinking, understanding, analysis, and more. It usually involves creating a perfect computer system that can perform several tasks related to human skills, such as Imagine you are defeating an OpenAI guru in DOTA.

It is a difficult game in which you have to adapt to the situation. Now imagine replacing a computer with a human in a scenario where the combinations are endless. How did this happen? The way computer code always works is that when people identify everything about a computer and simply pass it on to a computer, it can perform a very limited set of operations based on the information provided. Here is the one who decides all the possibilities.

However, using artificial intelligence, it is easy to create systems that teach people to identify other possibilities that they may not have thought of.

For example, instead of giving your computer 10 images of apples and asking you to choose one of them from your photo collection, enter and “teach” your computer every possible model of apples, regardless of size, shape, and color. Recognize patterns and decide for yourself whether it’s an apple or an apple. Facebook uses a very similar method for tagging uploaded photos.

Artificial intelligence uses large amounts of data, calculates models in that data, and then uses the data to develop methods to further solve specific problems. This can be very helpful in increasing efficiency and saving time.

Especially since they are much faster and less tiring than humans, they find new models and solutions and add a lot to their existing intelligence. One of the most important and important elements of a person is self-learning and growth. This means that you can learn from both old and new data.

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