What is ” HAPPINESS ” for you

Happiness does not have a single concept and cannot be considered a magic formula

Happiness does not have a single concept and cannot be considered a magic formula, just as it was and still is a mystery that everyone knows according to his opinion.


First: The concept of happiness in philosophy :


German philosopher « Friedrich Nietzsche » :

He believes that happiness is resistance, and will when people resist to obtain and regain their will, they generate a feeling of happiness, and who sayings about happiness « happiness is the feeling that your strength increases. »


The Greek philosopher « Socrates »:

who is considered one of the most important ancient philosophers, knows happiness as stemming from the inner success that a person feels, because it does not come as gifts or rewards from abroad, and among his most important words: ” The secret of happiness is not in the pursuit of more, but by developing your ability to enjoy A little. ”


Confucius, the first Chinese philosopher :

He described happiness as knowledge and awareness of people about the link between their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and from his sayings about happiness, « happiness is a self-fulfilling prophecy. »


The philosopher « Plato »

He is a student of the Greek philosopher « Socrates », and therefore we find that the definition of happiness they have is similar, as Plato sees that happiness is the feeling of human satisfaction and that the person will accomplish even if it is just a small or simple achievement, such as the completion of reading an interesting story or reaching for weight a certain body and other simple things that will make you feel happy. One of his words about happiness is « happiness is the knowledge of good and evil. »


The Greek philosopher “Aristotle”:

who was one of the students of the philosopher “Plato”. Therefore, we find in his description of happiness a similarity with his teacher “Plato”, who was influenced by his description of happiness, whereby Aristotle describes it as not like a grant or gift that others give us, but happiness as something that we do: And his creation ourselves, happiness is our inner strength, which requires us to protect it from anything and everything that threatens it, and from his sayings about happiness, happiness depends on us. ”


Second: The concept of happiness in psychology :

The concept of happiness in psychology is that it is a feeling of happiness and contentment with your life, a feeling that is repeated as a result of feelings and pleasant emotions, so it can be said that happiness in psychology is determined by the nature of the individual and how he deals with the conditions that surround him and the situations in his daily life.

And the American psychologist « Martin Seligman », who worked on developing psychology and established what is called « positive psychology », says that the scientist « Seljman »  that happiness has three aspects which are: new life enjoy life and meaningful life.

And it is possible to reach an enjoyable life by enjoying everything around us, no matter how simple, and that we work to satisfy our basic needs, and then we work to discover our strengths and exploit them to improve our life and quality, and this is what is called the new life. Deep and internal psychological fullness results in overwhelming happiness, through our arrival to that meaning for our lives.

Third: Happiness for me :

On my own, I consider that my feeling of happiness is related to many things, for example when I develop myself, learn, overcome, succeed, help, smile, and make others smile .. many things make me happy.

We are the source of our happiness, a source that is not determined by law, knowledge, or theory.


This was happiness about philosophy, psychology, and for me, so what is your happiness and where do you find it? share that in the comments.



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