What will man think in the future?

Our brains will be able to connect to a cloud connected to thousands of computers, which will “amplify our original intelligence,” Kurzweil said. Small robots made of DNA braids dubbed “nanobotes” connect the mind to this cloud, noting that the larger and more complex the cloud, the more our thinking evolves.


“Our thinking will then be a hybrid between natural and artificial thinking,” Morzweil said, predicting that by the end of 2030 most human thinking will become artificial, and “we will gradually be able to integrate and develop ourselves,” according to him, and even back up ideas and information in our minds.


This is not Kurzweil’s first experience of predicting the future, giving 147 predictions in the 1990s of what life would look like in 2009, and in a review of these predictions in 2010, he found that 86 percent of them had already been achieved.


Worried about AI’s dominance of the world, Kurzweil said: “We have a moral duty to always develop technology, while being careful to recognize its potential dangers,” adding: “Fire kept us warm, used it to cook our food, but it also burned many of our homes. Every technology has its benefits and risks.”

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