Why Apple’s new features and technologies always come late unlike Android?

If you are an Android user, you may feel a little strange and perhaps ironic when Apple announces new features for users of the company’s products, but they look familiar to you as an Android user and may have been using them on your phone for months or even years, but for Apple users, it is still new and will be available on their devices now, away from the logic of Apple “FanBoy” that is used to ridicule Apple users, we will tell you the answer from the point of view of the famous Marquis Brownlee, which specializes in technology.

Why Apple’s innovations are always late?

In a recent video, Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, explained on his YouTube channel why Apple’s features are delayed when it comes to the features and innovations of its devices, specifically the iPhone, and why Android companies excel at this.

Brownlee said it’s simply because of Apple’s focus which is very different from that of Android companies and let’s take Google in comparison with Apple.

While Google focuses on innovation, Apple doesn’t bother to be the first, instead, the company wants to take innovation to the next level, by improving the features of its products and making them able to work seamlessly across its multiple devices, that is, these features are connected to all devices and not exclusive to one device.

Let’s delve deeper into Apple’s ecosystem and explain it with a simple example, there may be better earbuds than Airpods, but none of them have the quality of Apple headphones or even work well and smoothly with the iPhone, there may also be great messaging apps for file sharing, but none of them work in the form, way, and power you’ll find in iMessage or even AirDrop.

Brownlee says this isn’t just limited to devices, that way Apple thinks makes it harder for customers to leave the company’s ecosystem because all devices work seamlessly, speaker, watch, iPad, iPhone, laptop, and more.


The way Apple works

While the Google team can be greatly innovative because it’s more isolated and doesn’t have the limitations of having to talk to other product teams all the time, so you’ll find them offering amazing and cool new features.

On the other hand, the Apple team may have the same idea as the Google team at the same time and sometimes even before the Google team, but Apple has restrictions that force its teams to have to work with the rest of the ecosystem to try to link a large number of different things and features with several products and this, of course, doubles the amount of time needed before launching, but when the result is reached, a product is announced much better than the competing product that has existed for a while.

Brownlee cited Apple’s new feature called Live Text, which was announced at the company’s recent WWDC developer conference, and Live Text recognizes text in an image in a camera or regular photos and allows you to copy and paste that handwritten text or put it in another app.

Of course, Android phones have already done something very similar a while ago using their Google Lens feature but the difference here is in terms of the smoothness with which Apple’s feature works.

In addition, Apple has announced another new feature associated with FaceTime known as Share Play, through which users can share the screen and watch things together within FaceTime, similar to what Zoom, Google Mate, and Microsoft Times offer.

The difference lies not in what Apple’s feature can do, but in how Apple does it.


In the end, Brownlee says that the choice between iPhone and Android is mainly due to what you prefer, are you looking for innovative and new features that are launched now and then but are not complete, or do you want to wait until those features are well polished and compatible with all the devices you own, this is what Apple does and seems to work well for the company and make it the best so far.

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