Your work is an art form

Regardless of your job or career, never despise what you do, talk about it badly.


One of the spiritual secrets of life is that the way you do one job is the same way you do anything. That means you can learn the lessons of all life in whatever work you do. And you can try and test each action in a negative or positive way.


If you are an ice cream seller, you can do it in a fun way for yourself and the children whose hearts are happy, or you can do the same work in a frowning, full of indignation way.

The spiritual key presented to you here is that the work is not about what you get from it, but what you will put in it.


Don’t ask what your work can offer you, ask: What can I do for my job?


The purpose as a human being is to transcend your craft as best as possible. Even if your industry is about garbage collection, you can do your job in a way full of benevolence and focus, or in a way full of neglect and frustration.

It’s not about the outside, it’s about the inner world.

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